Yad Chaim Weizmann


The Weizmann Archive

The Weizmann Archive was established in the 1950s, with the aim of preserving the heritage and work of Dr. Chaim Weizmann.  The Archive is located next to the Weizmann House and is home to more than 200,000 letters and historical documents left by Dr. and Mrs. Weizmann.  These documents tell the story of the establishment of the State of Israel.

We are currently working on a project to computerize the Archive, putting all the documents on the Internet, at the service of researchers and the public in Israel and worldwide.

Dr. Weizmann was aware of the importance of the documents in his possession. In June 1940 when England feared a German invasion attempt, Weizmann contacted his friends and said:

"If I do not remain alive after this emergency, I ask my friends to gather the material about my forty years of work, and hope that some or all of you will be able to meet when peace is finally achieved." (Chaim Weizmann)


  • Collection of Dr. Chaim Weizmann's correspondence and documents.
  • Collection of photographs
  • Collection of press cuttings
  • Collection of Dr. Vera Weizmann's correspondence and documents
  • Limited collection of audio and video clips
  • Collection of the original plans of Architect Erich Mendelsohn
  • Collection of the History of the Yad Chaim Weizmann
  • Music collection
  • Collection of articles
  • Scientific department

Contacting the Weizmann Archives

Archive manager: Lior Hecht Yacoby

Tel. +972 -8-934-3486

Email : lior.hecht-yacoby@weizmann.ac.il