Yad Chaim Weizmann


Weizmann House

Weizmann House was built in 1936 as the private home of Dr. Chaim Weizmann and Dr. Vera Weizmann.  They decided to build their home in the Land of Israel in Rechovot, next to the Sieff Institute founded by Dr. Weizmann in 1934, which later became the Weizmann Institute of Science.

The house was designed by a well-known Jewish architect, Erich Mendelsohn, who left Germany when the Nazis rose to power.  Weizmann House was Mendelsohn's first work in the Land of Israel. Mendelsohn wrote:  "This is a completely contemporary home… However, it has features of a residence in a sub-tropical climate.  In my opinion, this style of house will become popular in the East after two thousand years, just as it was accepted that Judea was a Roman province."

On Dr. Weizmann's election as President of the State, the house became the official resident of the President of Israel.  After his death, the official residence moved to Jerusalem.  The Weizmanns donated the estate, the house and its contents to the State, in order to preserve the heritage of the First President.  The first renovation, generously funded by the Clore Foundation, was done in 1978, and the house was opened to the public as a museum.  In 1999, the house, its contents and the grounds underwent further restoration and preservation to restore them to their condition when the Weizmanns lived there.   The restoration work was planned and supervised by the architects Hillel Shocken and Daniel Assayag, with a donation from the Yad Hanadiv Foundation.

Virtual Tour of Weizmann House


Architect Erich Mendelsohn

Erich Mendelsohn was a world-famous Jewish architect.  He was born on March 21,1887 in Allenstein in Germany.  When the Nazis came to power he moved to England and to the Land of Israel, and worked in both countries.  In 1942, he emigrated to the USA and died on September 15, 1953 in San Francisco.  Mendelsohn was considered a giant of modern architecture.  In a relatively short period of seven years working in the Land of Israel, he completed several projects.  His work is modest, with simple lines, but full of grandeur, with "biblical shades" in his words, and nobility derived from its forms and materials. 

The Weizmann House Preservation Project

Weizmann House is an architectural pearl in the Israeli building landscape, and an attraction for architects and the general public.The house was designed as the private home of the Weizmanns, but as the architect said, it was also a "presentation house" since it was built for "someone who stood on the stage of history".  Chaim Weizmann was head of the Zionist Federation for almost thirty years.